How RPA can Support Businesses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic -
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How RPA can Support Businesses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic7 min read


The uncertain situation that we are in right now, has temporarily pushed panic mode in our daily life. But, we’re known to fight back. The infamous pandemic coronavirus has claimed approx 21,000 lives and has affected around 4,71,000 people across the world forcing every citizen on the planet to maintain Social Distancing. 

In the midst of this pandemic, how can we leverage and take the help of technology around us to protect ourselves and prepare us for the coming months? Knowledge is power. We all know that. Therefore, Communication and Collaboration in sharing information amid this crisis is a critical step. 

In order to involve the community in the fight against this deadly virus, we want to share some solutions to help fight #Coronavirus using RPA

Be a part of the mission against Coronavirus!

What RPA Can do?

The whole world is experiencing almost lockdown. And with this lockdown, several administrations are facing typical challenges like Gathering Travellers’ information, Wellness Tracking of Self-isolated people, etc.

What RPA can do is help in Automating the process of collecting a large number of data from each and every department and then, segregating this data according to the user requirements. 

Some Typical Challenges that can be resolved with RPA: 

  • Help in gathering Coronavirus Test result
  • Wellness tracker for the Ministry of Tourism and Health to track the health of isolated people.
  • Post Recovery Wellness Tracker for patients
  • Track medical staff
  • Gathering wellness information from recent travellers etc.

Let’s look at the three major sectors where RPA can create huge Impact:


Health Sector  

One tool the world presently can access is the new Health Screening Bot. With our broad ability in applying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to take care of testing business and cultural issues, we can create a Health Screening robot to make organization wellbeing and health checks less tedious. The robot will send and gather polls through programming and can be used or customized by (HR) staff to suit their association’s needs. This helps geologically scattered associations that have restricted assets, permitting them to profit by fast execution.

This solution is pre-designed to pass the link of an online wellbeing review form to workers through WhatsApp or E-mail and it would periodically inform the individuals who presently can’t seem to fill in the survey. 

Daily the information in the overview will be added into an Excel report and it will be emailed to the recipient. 

A Health Screening Bot can be Used to: 

  • Extract statistics from Health & Family Welfare website
  • Extract patient information that have a particular lab test done
  • Leverage Chatbots (in WhatsApp) in conjunction with RPA to communicate with travellers and patients and gather health survey information
  • Send SMS screening survey form
  • Send Email screening survey form
  • Collect the response info from survey response and generate the monitoring dashboard


Financial Services

Coronavirus Pandemic is taking a huge toll on the economic sector of the world. The worst-hit can be seen in the Financial Sector where social meetups and communication is important. 

In the Banking Sector, customers need to verify their documents physically and since a complete lockdown has been imposed, customers won’t be able to complete their KYC process. What RPA can do is, automate these processes using Bots. These Bots can then send personalised e-mails or notifications to the customers as a reminder to complete their KYC details. It can prompt customers to complete their documents of KYC on time while staying at home. The RPA bot then collects the data and generates an excel sheet with all the information eliminating the need of manual paperwork. This database can also be accessed by anyone within the organization while working from home supporting the social distancing clause.

Furthermore, we are also witnessing many Online Transactions. Policy owners from different areas might have the requirement to renew their health insurance. Many people even forget to renew their policies. Using RPA clients can be approached over their WhatsApp or on Email, where they can interact with Bots and ask for a policy renewal. RPA then generates a Policy URL for the specific client from where customers can process their policy renewal process. 


Travel & Tourism Sector

Within a month of this pandemic, everything came to standstill. The first sector to get affected was Travel and Tourism. They have been facing several problems since the outbreak.  Initially, there were a large number of cancellations. After that, even these websites had to impose lockdown creating a ruckus amongst the travellers and other countrymen residing in several pandemic hit countries. 

After lockdown, the services of customer care are also going to take a hit. And as a result of mass cancellation of flights and bookings, Online Travel Aggregators are experiencing a large number of complaints. 

Automation systems can ease the process of connecting with the users. It can automate the cancellation process as well as gathering of the information. A WhatsApp bot in this can communicate with customers and inform them about their flight or booking cancellation as well as ask them for their feedback. The RPA will work in conjunction with the Bot running on WhatsApp and RPA will fetch info from the database and will feed it to the WhatsApp Bot.

After this, the system can generate a report based on the feedback and segregate the critical cases where the customer is requesting for instant refunds, so that an executive may call and provide the required support. This will ease the process of contacting every customer across the world especially at times like this, where we are experiencing a major fall in the workforce. 



By executing these robotic solutions, we plan to simplify proactive well-being measures for organizations, permitting them to concentrate on the more significant projects, for example, ensuring the welfare of their employees and keeping the tasks going. Time spared from tedious errands can be better utilized to assist you with navigating your organization through these rough times. With UiPath robots, we keep on driving advancement and corporate consistency to keep individuals and organizations sound and profitable — even in the midst of worldwide pandemic. We hope that our little commitment can help you bring out the best even in these pandemic situations. 

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