About BigStep - BigStep Technologies
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About BigStep

We’re a digital technology company driven by innovation


BigStep Technologies is a full service software development company. We’ve worked with startups and enterprises across the globe to rapidly evolve ideas to products.

Our product engineering expertize spans over various domains like web applications development, hybrid & native mobile applications development, real-time applications, microservices, cloud technologies, UX designing, etc. We work on the latest technologies, and this combined with the design-led, innovation-driven capabilities of our team ensures that we deliver great value to our customers.

BigStep has a skilled team of Software Architects, Software Engineers, Designers, System Administrators and Project Managers. With the right mix of Products and Services orientation in our genes, we know how to make projects successful.

We’re agile and are also always working on building new capabilities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help hundreds of businesses excel with our technology services and products, thus impacting millions of end-users across the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower big businesses and startups with software solutions and products for transforming their ideas into reality and enabling their growth.

Our Strengths

Quality Deliverables

Our focus and attention to detail enables us to create highest quality products, and applications that are successful and sustainable.


We love doing what we do and have deep domain knowledge to build cutting edge solutions.


Our ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems adds value to our developments.

Customer Oriented Approach

We believe in creating valuable relationships. We're dedicated to customer success, creating value and serving the interests of our customers. We're honest and transparent in our approach.

How we work

We have dedicated engineering, design, support, management and sales teams with functional experts in each of the functional groups.

We Think

Analysis, specifications and planning.

We Design

Technology architecture, workflow and UI / UX design.

We Make

Coding, project management, deployment, launch.

We Support

Fast, helpful and knowledgeable support.