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Explore our Services

Web & Mobile Apps Development

We work on the latest Technology Stacks and build applications that are Elegant, Simple-to-use, Functionally Strong & Scalable.

Enterprise Software Development

Dependable software development services that address growing complexities in digitalization of various enterprise services.

Cloud & DevOps Solutions

Cloud Services that run your business on Agile, Reliable, Secure and Cost-effective Infrastructure. DevOps consulting services enabling you to deliver high-quality software faster.

Backend & API Development

REST APIs, web-services and scalable backends that can power a number of applications, including IoT.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation with software robots and AI workers that accelerates your business transformation.

Conversational Applications

Apps with AI-enabled, text & voice conversational features for mobile, web, voice assistants, and popular messaging services.

Our Products

We’re a powerhouse of products for launching Social Networking, E-commerce and Enterprise ventures. Our products and numerous solutions are being used by millions of users across the world.

Add Real-time Messaging to your Website and Mobile Apps. Increase engagement and collaboration amongst your users. Achieve new use-cases by enabling rich conversations.

One stop for Online Community Solutions. is the biggest and highest rated apps developer for the SocialEngine Social Network Development Platform.

AlmaHub is a comprehensive Alumni Network Building Solution for educational institutions to keep alumni engaged. It includes features like job/internship board, mentorship features, database building, memory corner, event management, document sharing and discussion forums.


MageCube provides robust products and diverse solutions for the Magento E-commerce platform. Our products include extensions, themes and services for Magento including language translators, CRM integration, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp extensions.


Why BigStep

We're a Software Development Company that Delivers

Technology Expertise

Our Engineers are experts in their domains. We’re all problem solvers who work smartly and bring top-notch expertise to the table to make our customers successful.


With 11 years of experience, and a team that continuously innovates and learns, we have the best solutions to achieve your technology goals.


We follow proven project management practices to ensure timely, and high quality work deliveries. 100% transparency in processes ensure that you stay fully updated on status.

Customer Success

We work hand-in-hand with our customers. We’re proactive in our approach and go the extra mile for their success.

Delivering Engineering Excellence

We create simple to use, robust software products engineered to drive growth for innovative businesses.

Years in Business

Clients for Products

Web & Mobile Apps Delivered

Cloud Projects Completed

Technology Experts

Rated Highly by Customers and Affiliated with the Best

Over the years, BigStep has earned precious accolades from customers and the industry for keeping up our good work. This proves the dedication of our team towards attaining excellence in our products & services.

Our Clients

At BigStep we have worked with clients across geographies and industries for their custom software development requirements. Every client problem that we solved is unique, and we have a proven track record of delivering high quality services efficiently. We've been the team of choice for over 3000 customers and counting, and below is a small list of such clients.