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Care for People

About Client Business

A caring, innovative growth company reimagining a healthier future for all people, their pets, and our planet. The soap and candle business that began in New York City early in the 19th century is now, more than 210 years later, a global consumer goods company with more than 34,000 employees serving hundreds of millions of people around the globe with a brand found in more homes than any other in the world.

Our history and continuous innovations underscore the perpetual strength and creativity of our people around the world. We are always thinking about how we can improve our world and what we can do better. Focused on Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition and reaching more than 200 countries and territories, the teams develop, produce, distribute and sell health and hygiene products and pet nutrition essential to society.


To design and implement an automated and distributed architecture that can handle millions of users across the globe and facilitate seamless software development processes


The client required a scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure setup with smooth CI/CD pipeline and automation of backup and recovery. With AWS designing a fault tolerant and a scalable architecture among distributed services and reliable cloud storage is most trusted. AWS gives ownership and control over the content through simple, powerful tools that allows one to determine where the content will be stored, secure the content in transit and at rest, and manage your access to AWS services and resources for the users. AWS also implements responsible and sophisticated technical and physical controls that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of the content.

Why the Customer Chose BigStep

BigStep has been an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS and BigStep Technologies is a top-tier custom software & product development company. We build innovative products & provide dedicated teams packed with high level technical talent to help startups, enterprises and fast-growing tech enabled companies worldwide build successful & scalable products that users love. From foundational aspects like choosing the right Cloud services, system & network design, to migration, scalable cloud adoption, optimizations, monitoring, security, and more, our team of Certified Cloud Experts provides end-to-end, powerful Cloud solutions.

AWS Services Used

Elastic Beanstalk

The beanstalk instances are used to run the front-end and backend of the application. The architecture is taking advantage of auto-scaling and load balancing with ease of code integration and deployment.


We have used RDS as a database server that provides automated backups. AWS RDS provides the capabilities of a production-ready relational database in minutes. No need for infrastructure provisioning, and no need for installing and maintaining database software.

Code Pipeline

Code pipeline is being used to provide seamless code deployment and integration. The application front-end and backend code is building through code build and deployment is being done with Elastic-Beanstalk deployment.

S3 and CloudFront

All the media content is uploaded to S3 bucket and delivered through cloud-front to give users the best browsing experience to the media of the application.


IAM roles and policies play a very important role in any application architecture since it provides restricted and secure access to other AWS resources from application code.

Cloud Watch

All the metrics and alarms help the scaling activity to take place during peak load time. Cloud watch logs help developers to troubleshoot application error and cloud watch metrics helps to monitor application performance and load.


The development and production environment infrastructure designed and created under private and public subnets to assure the safety of the application and direct reach of application from the internet.

Result / Outcome

As a result, the application development process became seamless and automated for development and production environment. Application scalability handles millions of users across the globe and necessary alarms & notifications via SNS. With the help of AWS certified Engineers, we helped the client to use AWS resources in an optimized manner, therefore it helped to reduce billing significantly.

Solution Provided

We helped the client to solve the scaling and CI/CD pipeline problem efficiently with ease of use by using Elastic Beanstalk for backend and frontend with a reliable database instance as RDS. It enables millions of users to share, post and fill ideas suggesting to clean the country and report any sufferings in the society.

About the Partner

BigStep Technologies is a proud Advanced Consulting Partner With AWS and a top-tier custom software & product development company. We build innovative products & provide dedicated teams packed with top technical talent to help startups, enterprises and fast-growing tech enabled companies worldwide build successful & scalable products that users love. We also provide Architectural guidance and solutions to the companies and cater to the needs of individuals looking to get secure and scalable Architecture.