BigStep: A competent RPA Player with a team of Certified Experts
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BigStep: A competent RPA Player with a team of Certified Experts4 min read


RPA is all about preparing the software robots to perform new iterative tasks without manipulating the system. It reduces human work of signing into applications, entering huge amounts of data, sending messages, and doing other redundant tasks. Assume a situation where a robot is sitting before a PC watching the assignment being performed by you, gets prepared for it rapidly, and executes the same without any manual intervention. Isn’t that exciting?

Regression issues in software testing are the most difficult issues. We are humans,e can’t do the same thing with a similar vitality, speed, and accuracy every day – This is a machine job. This is the reason that computerization is required, so as to repeat similar strides with similar speed, exactness, and vitality as they were repeated initially.

BigStep Technologies Private Limited is a Silver Partner for UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution. We have achieved several use-cases using UiPath. Take a look at a few of the BigStep’s RPA Competencies:


Testing Automation

Software testing is one of the key areas which all software organizations have. Key at BigStep Technologies, we offer a software testing automation solution supported by UiPath’s RPA. Using RPA, we proposed solutions for complex automation tasks, such as legacy desktop automation and regression testing.


Mobile Automation

Mobile application development companies have to serve multiple sectors such as BFSI, QSR, and Gaming, etc to provide applications based on their platform as required. Testing mobile apps for Android and iOS is a cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming task that involves a team of software developers and testers to verify and test the apps. With the use of RPA, mobile development organizations can automate the application testing process by automating multiple test steps and leaving the mundane task of error detection to RPA, saving a lot of time and effort.


Whatsapp Messaging Automation

BigStep offers Whatsapp Messaging Automation solutions. Through integration with Whatsapp for Business APIs and RPA, messages can directly be sent and received from Whatsapp. In addition, the integration of applications such as CRM, customer service can also be done, and the RPA can send business status messages to customers. Also, the task of supporting chatbots on a server can be performed by an RPA.


Automating Chatbot response using RPA

Using RPA, we can automate human interaction with Chatbot on various platforms, such as Applications and Websites. Often, people request Chatbots to get certain information from databases or CRM. Since this selection of information is not possible for environments in which the APIs are not integrated with Chatbot, the task is then performed manually. Therefore, in order to automate this common task, the RPA can interact with several backend systems and can receive and exchange information requested by people interacting with Chatbot.


RPA Advanced Developer Certification on UiPath

UiPath is the market leader in RPA programming. UiPath’s extensive Advanced Developer Certification shows that you have everything you need and the ability to use your devices to produce powerful software programming robots. Once confirmed, you can stand out as an RPA pioneer and prepare to work at the Robotic Operations Center (ROC) or a Center of Excellence (COE).

BigStep Technologies is proud to announce that 6 of our employees have completed the “RPA Advanced Developer Certification at UiPath. BigStep now has a team of competent RPA developers with hands-on experience in Automation Solutions for industry leaders. Our experts will help you gain an advantage over your competitors, as well as increase your profits.


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