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Why Prefer UiPath Test Suite over Selenium?


The development in the field of automation has led to tremendous growth in technology. Automation testing has become the driving force behind the functioning of various entities as it reduces the efforts for manual testing and is less prone to errors. Automation finds bugs at an early stage and most essentially it facilitates testing in volumes resulting in an unprecedented boost in businesses. UiPath Test Suite and Selenium are the two Automation tools that are extensively used across the globe. This article will throw a light on how UiPath overshadows Selenium.


What is UiPath Test Suite?

UiPath is a GUI based tool that uses RPA technology for mobile app automation, web automation, desktop automation, image and remote machine automation, etc. It uses drag and drop functionality to automate repetitive tasks. UiPath tool is open and extensible and allows users to automate intricate processes and provides them with an easy to learn and maintain low code platform. It is highly secure as it encrypts the credentials on the centralized server and facilitates third-party integration features. UiPath makes automation precise and faster as it facilitates recording by having orders from the Citrix environment, desktop apps, and terminal emulators.

UiPath empowers automated testing with a scriptless approach and integrated UI automation with flexible object recognition. These are many scenarios where most automation testing tools fail to live up to their potential. With the advent of UIPath, the bot has become the tester. This is a boon to the testing industry as now one can truly emulate human behavior and come up with test coverage that was hard to imagine using the testing automation tools. 

Further, the UiPath Test Suite can be seen as a tool for business testing that allows the business testers to do more by removing the dependency on the testers who are more thus gives power to the business user to do more. 

Following are the elements of UiPath:

Test Manager





Features Of UiPath Test Suite

  • UiPath depends on Workflow Automation and Screen Scraping that involves drag and drop functionality and the work process is independent of software coding. It further offers the facility of recording as well. It has special recorders for Citrix environment, desktop apps, and terminal emulators which aids in creating automation much quickly and precisely.
  • UiPath Test Suite comes with strong integration capabilities and thus can connect to various ALM tools like JIRA. UiPath reduces the manual workforce, enhances customer services, and works with better efficiency to benefit the organization.
  • UiPath offers a complete solution for automating third-party applications, application integration, and business IT processes, etc
  • The key components of RPA are the software bots that are designed to mimic humans to reduce the manual workforce
  • The life cycle is simpler as it involves very few steps and is flexible in dealing with the clerical processes

What is selenium?

Selenium is an open-source portable framework that allows automation testing across various browsers, platforms, and programming languages. Selenium has been created using JavaScript and hence it works on any browser that supports JavaScript. Selenium test codes can be coded in a number of programming languages like C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

It is used for functional and regression testing and supports cross-browser testing. Further, the tool gives the flexibility to design the test case by record and playback approach or manually.

Apart from automating application process flow selenium also performs other tasks such as banner upload of a site, changing features in SPO site, etc.


Features of Selenium

  • Selenium is not just a tool but it is a suite of four tools designed to cater to different testing requirements of an organization
  • Selenium is a scripting library that requires the creation of a proper framework around it. Building and maintaining such a framework is a lot of work as it involves software coding
  • Selenium can only be used to test web-based applications and it doesn’t support Mobile Native Applications, Mobile Hybrid Applications, and Computer Desktop Applications. Selenium is not compatible to work with virtualized environments
  • It needs different libraries, binding languages, and technical expertise to make it a complete solution and since it operates on the web application so it does not support any clerical process


UiPath Vs Selenium

UiPath Test Suite and Selenium are the most talked about automation tools and both of these works in different ways to reduce human intervention and to increase productivity. Here are the major differences between the two automation giants.




Both the Selenium and UiPath are an inevitable part of the automation revolution as they aid in minimizing manual intervention while enhancing quality. On comparing both of the software it can be concluded that UiPath has an edge over Selenium as it scales up automation across the enterprises with speed and efficiency. It eliminates the need for programming instead addresses end-to-end automation by creating software robots.

One of the biggest shortcomings of Selenium is that it is only used to test web-based applications whereas UiPath facilitates seamless automation on the Android and iOS Mobile application or web form and offers a great user interface. It allows first-class Computer Vision Capabilities that allow automation on Citrix environments which is not possible in the case of Selenium. Other reasons which make UiPath a better choice are accuracy in handling a higher volume of the data, increases productivity, offers 60 days free trial license, and can work unattended, etc.

Thus UiPath is the future of automation as it enables businesses be it a small scale or a big enterprise to save operational and manpower costs by executing high volume test cases without errors.

“In addition to replacing many jobs, automation will also transform other jobs”


BigStep is a complete end-to-end digital technology solutions provider that works with start-ups and enterprises across the world to achieve business efficiencies and cost reduction by implementing UiPath solutions in business operations.

Further, the company offers end-to-end powerful UiPath solutions to the enterprises to automate their businesses in order to accomplish their goals. Please feel free to reach out to us at rpa@bigsteptech.com

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