Success Stories - BigStep Technologies
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Over a span of 9 successful years, BigStep has emerged as one of the valuable provider of Web and Mobile Application development services. Our growth-oriented approach has enabled us to make active contributions to diverse industries ranging from start-ups to well-established enterprises.


Constant support and suggestions from our esteemed clients has helped us build wide range of products. In addition to this, constantly rising demands and needs of evolving markets has led us to serve our customers with full-scale application development capabilities. Our easily integrable diverse set of products power more than 6500 websites and more than 300 mobile applications across the world. Native iOS Applications in SWIFT and native Android Applications in Java are some of our popular and valuable contributions to businesses.

Some of the native iOS and Android Mobile Apps developed by BigStep

This is Social Network on Cancer Research. Network includes direct communications amongst the other users. You can find caretakers, survivors, researchers, therapists over this network. Create research studies, Share your experiences and findings to generate awareness.

Movie Factory

Movie Factory is 100% Dedicated Movie Industry Network for creating movies, accessing talent, pre / post production roles, service providers, industry professionals. Some of the great features on this network are Events, Groups, Articles Classifieds, Forums, Entertainment and Crowdfunding Listings and a lot more.


ExpposedNet is a great place to interact with people around the world, to share opinions, conspiracies, alien theories, government lies, human and animal rights abuse. This network, using the plugins: Events, Forums, Blogs etc, allows users to read latest alternative news, post articles and blogs, provide research studies on a variety of subjects.


Bivbo is a social network that connects people around the world and helps the community connect freely and in a timely manner. You can have real time chat, audio and video calls to your friends and see what’s new in their lives, share photos, watch videos, listen to music, chat with friends.


Socialnet where social commerce comes alive! This is not just a social networking site, it is a Social Commerce platform, where you can set up store, post classifies, engage in online discussion forum, run your own survey, create pages, groups, events, connect with friends and share your thoughts with the community.

One Africa

One-Africa is a platform with a social component, which can be geared towards promotion and marketing needs of organizations or businesses. One-Africa platform drives a large number of members, but also supports the creation of online groups, partnerships and thus offers to its participants and affiliates an unprecedented window and visibility to the world.


Areebia is a pioneered social network that empowers you to connect and share content with the people in the Middle East. Allows you to upload photos, post links, videos, and music, using features like Groups, Events, Pages, use spontaneous real-time text / audio / video chat.


InvestaSpace makes it easy for Entrepreneurs to communicate with each other. InvestaSpace provides discount platform for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services to their customers and other members. Our full featured feed will guarantee you keep in contact with other like-minded  entrepreneurs.