Why Setting up a Testing Automation CoE is the Need of the Hour?
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Why Setting up a Testing Automation CoE is the Need of the Hour?


Automation has received a progressive response in the present industrial scenario that is affected by the unprecedented situations of COVID 19. Globally, many industries are moving towards the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to ensure that their business activities are scaling, have fewer errors, and have improved information security. RPA specialists have begun putting their weight behind Software Test Automation. The advantages of testing automation extend from taking care of multiple application testing, expelling human errors in continuous manual tests, etc.

Testing groups are continually constrained to decrease extra development time without trading off quality. Conventional techniques for quality assurance flop as they just can’t stay aware of the difficulties inconstantly delivering builds that are time-bound, powerful, and effective. This has incited an ever-increasing number of organizations to lean toward building up a centralized testing service.

However, one question still arises: What would it take to set up a Center of Excellence around Test Automation? But before that let us first understand What is Testing Automation and how is it beneficial?

What is Test Automation?

Test Automation in the software industry is the process to automate the procedure of software testing. The way towards utilizing software to test the efficacy of software to get the examination of genuine results is called Test Automation. Test automation is appropriate for huge ventures and for the undertakings that require testing the same tasks repeatedly. This offers immense benefits to people involved in bigger projects including the likes of Quality Analysts, Testers, Software Developers, and Project Managers.

It’s principally a quality assurance measure, eliminating the errors made while performing manual testing. However, its exercises include the responsibility of the whole team within any organization.


Applications of Test Automation

Enterprises today face Quality Assurance (QA) challenges like deadlines to achieve, different test cycles, executing large volumes of software tests, testing applications, and many more. The most productive approach to manage this circumstance is to receive a very much coordinated and strong automation arrangement that can foresee and recreate business scenarios. Here are some of the major sectors where it can be implemented:

Software Development Automation

Test Automation approach can be used to incentivize the software development process. This can be achieved by improving the coordinated effort on automation across programming improvement, IT Ops, and the business by a group of programmers, designers, and quality analysts.

API Testing Automation

Testing Automation can help quicken the procedure of API testing. Programming interface testing is a broadly utilized testing practice that tests the APIs legitimately — from their usefulness, unwavering quality, execution, and security. Some portion of incorporation testing, API testing adequately approves the rationale of the creative building, test automation can help groups dealing with greater activities abbreviate the measure of time.

Mobile Automation

Test Automation can help mobile application analyzers to make computerized experiments to check the nature of your web, local, or half breed portable applications on various gadgets and working frameworks. Designers can utilize test robotization to perform Functional testing, Memory Spillage testing, Performance testing, Interrupt testing, and Laboratory testing.

Data-Driven Testing

Several times, we have to perform the same testing procedure on a number of data sets. There we have to create different data testing processes for each set which can be time-consuming and inefficient.

This issue can be overcome using Data-Driven testing where the data is kept outside the Functional testing and utilizing them when there’s a need to extend the scope of automation testing.


What is a Testing Automation Center of Excellence?

A Testing Automation Center of Excellence(TCoE) is basically a centralized service where all the testing is maintained and shared across the enterprise. It is one of the best approaches to insert RPA profoundly and adequately into the DNA of the product improvement association to redistribute aggregated information and assets across future organizations.

It is a centralized unit that includes standardized testing processes, skillful professionals, and necessary tools. It groups different apparatuses according to the organization’s requirements, procedures, strategies, and approaches to convey portable and online applications that are showcase prepared.

At the point when a group inside associations takes the choice to build up a Testing CoE, it needs to think about some essential advances. The team needs to adopt a bit by bit strategy where they can survey the present situation and testing practices to distinguish the holes. When a guide has been set up, the subsequent stage is to distinguish the correct colleagues to accomplish the business goal of the Center of Excellence.


Setting up a Testing Automation Center of Excellence

Here are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure the success of TCoE.

Ensuring an all-around prepped team

At the center of your CoE lies the Robotic Operating Team. This group comprises a lot of characterized jobs and duties and is responsible for actualizing and dealing with the automation as fast, as proficiently and as securely as conceivable all throughout the task.

The group of CoE consist of committed individuals, they can be picked from the existing members involved in the software development process. The group should lead the path in investigating and embracing new innovation devices, strategies, or practices for testing automation. The CoE can consist of individuals from testing, QA, and undertaking the board foundation.

Training the Team

Every one of the individuals for the CoE should be prepared on the utilization of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to guarantee that the CoE can work appropriately and can be scaled up later on.

BigStep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has mastery on setting up the Center of Excellence and furthermore for preparing groups for programming advancement associations utilizing the condition of workmanship automation instruments like UiPath.

Measuring the CoE success

Once the CoE is set up and the team is trained and certified, the next step is to determine, measure, and monitor key performance indicators and hold regular review calls involving all relevant stakeholders and establish a performance framework. This will be further beneficial in redistributing resources in a realistic manner and building an agile development plan for the entire enterprise.


Benefits of TCoE

It might seem challenging to setup TCoE but the benefits that it offers overcomes all such hurdles and gives the requisite ROI to the organizations. Here are some of the benefits of TCoE.

  • Offers a consolidated Testing Automation framework
  • Measures the success of QA process
  • Empowers organizations to counter new business opportunities
  • Helps to attain cross-team clarity
  • Enhances operational efficiencies


UiPath Test Suite

“Test Less, Test Smarter”

The deployment and design of the RPA facilitated by UiPath is precise and faster and is sure to transform the RPA’s future in the coming time. UiPath facilitates businesses by cutting down the manpower and operational cost and at the same time amplifies the work efficiency.

UiPath Test Suite is the key for automating the iceberg portfolio of legacy applications, and at the same time diminishing the resource intensiveness. It delivers a platform that amalgamates the core RPA capabilities of building and running robots with tools for process discovery and analytics to accelerate business outcomes. With UiPath get the best of UI, API Automation, Test Management, Agile Project Management, Mobile Automation, SAP Automation, Enterprise automation, Execution Orchestration, Data-Driven testing DevOps Integration, etc all under one umbrella. Hence UiPath Test Suite quick fixes all your prerequisites for scalable enterprise-wide automation.

Bigstep Technologies is partnered UiPath and offers core and emerging technologies that complement the UiPath platform and thereby helps to scale up digital business operations at an unprecedented rate.



Setting up a Test Automation CoE can be a cumbersome activity involving a large amount of planning, involvement, and expenditure. The initial teething problems can be solved by taking the help of an expert in the Test Automation CoE setup.

“Thinking to set up a Test Automation Center of Excellence? Then Bigstep Technologies is the answer to all your queries!”


Bigstep Technologies is Service Implementation Partner of leading RPA provider UiPath. It has a strong team of competent RPA experts with knowledge and acumen to transform the painful process of setting up a Test Automation CoE into a state of the art project. Please feel free to reach out to us at rpa@bigsteptech.com

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