MVP Development - BigStep Technologies
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Building and launching a strategic minimum viable product with core features enables you to kickstart your ideas. Take advantage of BigStep’s expertise in application development to get on the exciting journey of starting-up. We will build and launch your MVP allowing you to shape product vision from early prototype. We will then work with you to develop your MVP to a full-featured product for long term success.

How MVP services makes a difference to your business?

With our MVP development services, you can launch a product comprising all new functionalities that responds to all market problems and gets established successfully. Our MVP service platform aims to resolve two common business constraints (Timeline & Budget).

Strict Adherence to Timeline:
  • Ensure evolving business plan fits the product developed.
  • Ensure businesses achieve their desire to be pioneers of the product designed.
  • Resolve uncertainty associated with end-user needs.
Complete Control over Budget:
  • Eliminate the extra costs associated with product designing.
  • No need to evaluate risks associated costs and expenditures.
  • No need to assess technological costs for developing a product.

How We Deliver MVP Services?

Get more out of less efforts. Use our MVP services to reduce the time & money spent on developing a product. Share with us the technical specifications requisite to achieve any business need and we’ll deliver you the product containing all desired functionalities.

Identifying the Problem: We identify the concern that exists in a business and calculate consequences arising from the problem or concerns. It can be business idea as well and may not necessarily be a problem associated with the business process.

Determining the Solution: We gather right tools and techniques for resolving the problem and

evaluate associated risks.

Build-Measure-Learn: Using the right approach; we build the product based upon our evaluation, measure the results and evaluate its performance based on customer’s feedback and responses.