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Robust And Fault Tolerant

Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits

The customer had a challenge in creating and managing large cloud infrastructure with multiple environments i.e. development environments, staging, and production. Having a good number of servers, comprising multiple environments, required setup, and management of the CI/CD pipeline, facilitating automatic code integration and deployment as well.

As a partner solution, BigStep provided an automatic deployment of resources via IAC i.e. Terraform, and managed all the environments like patch upgrades, and machine-level changes through Ansible. The end customer benefited from the ease of managing all the infrastructure resources and smooth continuous integration and deployment that reduced manual intervention for managing resources.


VTS Rise creates a positive tenant experience—increases the quality of tenants in your building and enhances your entire operational workflow. It's that powerful. It creates deeper relationships with you and your tenants, creating ways to interact with occupants. VTS Rise integrates with 30+ CRE-leading platforms to ensure your tools work hard together.


The end customer wanted to choose a reliable and trusted cloud service provider that provides confidential resources and hosts sensitive data on AWS.

AWS provides a wide variety of:

  • Resources for EC2 instances
  • Code deploy solutions
  • Different types of storage solutions
  • WAF firewall
  • CDN
  • VPN
  • Autoscaling
  • AWS Backup
  • Code Pipeline

AWS not only provides better service and resource availability but also motivates end clients to save on their monthly billing by opting for cost-saving methods.

Why VTS Chose BigStep Technologies

The customer needed a solution that can cater to all their infrastructure requirements and expectations. The customer also emphasized having a scalable, flexible, Agile infrastructure solution. BigStep being an Advanced Partner with AWS, provided all those solutions and implementation of the same with help from our technical architects and AWS Certified cloud engineers.

Technologies Used

With the efforts of our expert team of Developers and DevOps Engineers BigStep was able to meet the client's expectations and met the challenges of creating a secure and scalable environment. The team at BigStep used various AWS services to meet the expectation of the client by deploying API Gateway, Lambda, S3 bucket, Cloud front, EC2, VPC, Cloud Watch, Kubernetes, ELK, and AWS Kafka.

BigStep’s Solutions

BigStep implemented Agile methodology for the end customer project to facilitate the smooth processing of the development and DevOps tasks since BigStep not only provided the customer DevOps solution but also developed the customer software and helped in integrating the same with various devices across the globe.

BigStep implemented a large CI/CD pipeline consisting of various development, staging, and other environments that facilitated smooth and automatic code deployment using Github and AWS Code Deploy.

Our team of experts provided security for protecting the confidential details of the application and also implemented Blue/Green deployments for various environments that required no downtime and managed to automate application dependency to be fulfilled after Blue/Green deployment.

BigStep deployed various AWS resources to achieve the desired infrastructure, which includes:

  • EC2
  • S3
  • ELK
  • AWS Kafka
  • Cloud-Front
  • EKS
  • Code Deploy
  • VPC
  • ALB
  • Auto-Scaling

As an outcome of the solution provided to the customer, manual intervention was reduced for managing a large number of environments using Ansible and a complete automation of the CI/CD pipeline that facilitated smooth and zero manual intervention. The outcome helped the customer to reduce manual efforts and achieve higher accuracy results in development and infrastructure management using Terraform.

BigStep was able to bring down 80% of the manual efforts to manage the infrastructure with cost-optimized solutions by choosing the right machine size for the application.

Results Obtained

As a result, customers are now able to focus on the development of the application and not worry about infrastructure management and achieve a better success rate with end client satisfaction that leads to generating more profit.

About BigStep Technologies

BigStep Technologies is a technology company providing various kinds of technical solutions to customers looking to host their website, develop mobile applications, and get the desired website to run their community on any CMS or a custom code website.

BigStep Technologies currently is a part of the AWS service delivery program and has an Advanced tier compliant and Public Sector partner with AWS. BigStep Technologies is also an Advanced APN partner with AWS.