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Automated Media Management

Challenges, Solutions, and Benefits

The customer had a requirement to build a reliable and stable application that can receive massive amounts of user data in terms of the vote and be used especially during election time therefore it includes politicians as users as well and required a very secure application and infrastructure with a scalable architecture with zero downtime. If the customer requirements would not fulfilled, it could have created a bad impact on the users looking forward to voting for their leaders and politicians would also not be able to put their trust in this platform if the expected results were not achieved.

About MyBalbo

MyBalbo app is a community (social networking) driven mobile app. This is an app that allows user to communicate their political opinions and share their ideas with other users who may or may not share the same views and values. Users can come together on this platform to share ideas and information using various (virtual) channels such as Roundtables, Town Halls, and Villages (followers). The app also enables the user to garner more information regarding the political scene, information on upcoming elections, the details of candidates running for various positions, their views and values, etc.

The app uses a series of questions to collect basic information from the user which will be used to determine how the user is politically aligned and which candidates they are likely to support. Furthermore, the app provides politicians (those that are elected officials or running for a position) to reach users through robust profile settings, hosting Town Halls and round tables, and pulling data metrics from the app.


Since the client wanted a scalable, secure, and reliable solution in terms of infrastructure and a smooth less time taking CI/CD pipeline, it was only possible on AWS as we have ample amount of choices in choosing application machine types in terms of ec2 instance. Not only application servers, but scalability from the database end, as well as a well-architected RDS cluster, provided clients the actual redundancy during hike traffic time.

Why MyBalbo Chose BigStep Technologies

As the customer required a team of expert developers and AWS Certified DevOps, Bigstep has it all, and considering Bigstep as an Advanced Partner with AWS, the Customer chose us to implement the project and achieve desired results. Bigstep has an Agile process that everyone follows in every project, which delivers the best performance and client satisfaction to the highest degree. Plus Bigstep provides a long-term support plan even after delivering the project and making sure the end customer is not blocked and removing any unforeseen hurdles coming along the customer's way.

BigStep’s Solutions

Bigstep has provided a well-architected, secure cloud infrastructure and a strongly built application that is capable of handling a huge number of users' input data through the application voting process and automatically scaling up the infrastructure and database as well manage the hike in traffic on application.

To help customers achieve the desired results and build a strong, secure, and scalable application, Team at Bigstep built a mobile application for IOS and Android too, which enables millions of users to vote for their leader and collect many other data and store the same in the database. With an optimized application code, the DevOps team built a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant architecture and performed load testing with the help of Qa engineers, and made sure that the application is reliable and ready to receive high traffic usage. To ensure a smooth code life cycle management in the development and production environment, the DevOps team built an automatic CI/CD AWS code pipeline with a Blue/Green deployment.

The DevOps team at Bigstep made sure the end customer application is secured via VPN and IP restrictions to avoid any malicious activity. We have used various AWS services to achieve the desired outcome i.e EC2, S3, ALB, Auto-scaling, CDN, RDS, VPC, and elastic Redis cache. For monitoring purposes, our team implemented Data-Dog and Sentry to debug code-level issues and receive relevant exceptions generated at the code level.

About BigStep Technologies

BigStep Technologies is a technology company providing various kinds of technical solutions to customers looking to host their website, develop mobile applications, and get the desired website to run their community on any CMS or a custom code website.

BigStep Technologies currently is a part of the AWS service delivery program and has an Advanced tier compliant and Public Sector partner with AWS. BigStep Technologies is also an Advanced APN partner with AWS.