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DevOps with ECS


The Cloud Solutions team at BigStep Technologies has assisted a renowned FinTech based in America. We have built and provided the community development and production environment on Docker and Containers with CI/CD pipeline resulting in automated code build and deployment successfully.


We’re using New Relic software which is the most efficient and effective monitoring tool in the market at present, that supports server monitoring as well as application and database query monitoring. We have also been able to achieve container level monitoring and manage the application to get the best performance at container level.


We were able to provide multi-layer protection to the production and database server as well as development environment having no public access and no direct connection from outside traffic through any way. The team achieved this by creating VPC with private and public subnets and managing the unnecessary traffic from outside in the form of attacks and bots.


Deploying Auto-Scaling with Application Load balancer and setting up the custom Auto-Scaling rules helped us to achieve the automation (in cost effective scaling manner) of the instances combined with Application load balancer and target groups. Our team was able to provide container level Auto-Scaling along with the task definition scaling. The DevOps team set up the ECS cluster and configured two type of scaling to achieve the desired scaling results.


The DevOps team successfully deployed the docker image to the ECR and configured ECS to use the same ECR to roll and build the updates and run the ECS cluster. The team was also able to create the Auto-Scaling of task definition and containers along with EC2-instance Auto Scaling group under custom VPC.


We designed the CI/CD pipeline to ensure the continuous delivery and continuous deployment of the code with the preconfigured test cases to ensure the agility in the environment. We managed to integrate GIT and Jenkins to build the docker image with multiple test phases to avoid any code error. The deployment is also taken care of, by jenkins and pushing the tested build image to AWS ECR.

Client Issues

Client required a solution for good security and database availability in multiple AZ’s with the application running on docker and containers with ECS cluster.

Database Management

The AWS Certified Engineers at BigStep created database and replicas in various different AZ as per the client requirement in different subnets making sure the database effective availability in every AZ. We also made sure that the database is under the secure private subnet and has no public accessibility.

Technical Challenges

We faced challenges while creating a suitable docker image to run on EC2-instance and having all the required configuration of server level and application level. We also managed to set up the ECS cluster and match the Auto scaling of container and EC2-instance and tested the load to ensure the proper functionality of the configurations.

Security Controls

We created VPC and various public and private subnets to keep the production and development server safe. Also, keep the database out of reach of public accessibility and setting the necessary rules in the security group.

Results Obtained

The AWS Certified Engineers at BigStep used their skills to successfully setup the website on docker and containers, using AWS ECS service and task definition. As a result, the new code is build and deployed easily through CI/CD pipeline and the Auto-Scaling of containers and EC2-instance handles the load very well.


BigStep Technologies is well known for its consistent 24x7 support to satisfy client’s need with the help of our expertise. We have not only provided server or environment level support, but also provided application level support with the help of our experienced developers with deep troubleshooting skills. The support team at BigStep is providing application, container and server level support to the client, hence ensuring that everything is running well on client’s end.

Complete Architecture