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Is COVID-19 acting as a stimulus for AWS Cloud Adoption?3 min read



Until the Coronavirus outbreak, AWS Cloud Computing was seen as a good option to opt for amongst the other available cloud solutions. But now, AWS has become a ‘must-have’ in order to sail through this challenging situation of global crisis.

  •  AWS remains Unparalleled even during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  •  AWS has hit the records passing a $10Billion revenue mark in a single quarter for the first time
  •  Total AWS revenue witnessed a jump of 26% reaching $75.5 billion from $59.7 billion
  •  The Largest of all Cloud Service Providers ‘AWS’ even got Larger!

“We’ve continued to see a healthy adoption of our [AWS] business, and healthy usage not only in the United States but globally”

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky.

In just a few months, the whole world has transitioned, the global economy is suffering unprecedently, businesses have been forced to shut down their operations, companies are banking on remote working, COVID- 19 pandemics has brought the world to a tipping point. Amid this pandemic, millions around the world are still striving to get going with their work, being productive even when working remotely, to fight boredom people are spending time playing games, streaming online videos, connecting with their loved ones over video conferencing, schools have switched to online education – All this has led to increased dependency on Digital Infrastructure to keep going even during the imposed global lockdown.


Consummating this sudden upsurge of digital demand without cloud implementation is unimaginable. In fact, we can say the Cloud Computing is keeping the world intact amid this pandemic. Interpreters have predicted sunny days ahead for Cloud Computing even in thick of gloomy pandemic environment.


Applications like Zoom, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, Slack are on the leading edge of public consciousness these days, AWS is clandestinely serving as the backbone of these applications functioning to serve giant data to the public out there. Cloud computing is now amongst ‘Essentials’ for business providers globally. Being specific for ‘Cloud Usage’, Healthcare sector is leading followed by Entertainment  Networking, Education, Energy sectors to name a few. The upsurged demand has come with its own challenges for the service provider ‘AWS’ like latency, security, attacks, disaster recovery, etc. The above-provided data says it all that, how efficiently AWS has been upkeeping the successful functioning of the businesses.


BigStep being ‘AWS Advanced Consulting Partner’ has worked with hundreds of businesses, helping them plan, implement, scale, and support their cloud strategies. We provide cloud solutions for businesses of varied sizes to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.



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