Client Reviews - BigStep Technologies
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Client Reviews

Andrey Sobolev

Marcel Obioha


BigStep is an excellent developer and makes some of the best products on the market that we consider to be a must have to take your social network to the next level.

They are continually updating their products and provide timely support for them as well. We enjoy working with BigStep and look fwd to their future developments.

We're so proud to count on BigStep's products in our community. Those products have a lot of functionality and work so well. Thus, they provide an excellent support that help you to implant and integrate their products within your community.

One of the things that I would like to highlight is that their products are so robust with an easy installation and upgrade system. BigStep developer team also get feedback from their customers and are focused in develop products that could satisfy their respective business needs

Thanks a lot,BigStep is just amazing,you have helped me make my dream come true,your products are just what is required for anybody dreaming to build a big community.To be honest i would wish to work closely with you as i keep building this community, feel free to showcase our fast growing community and also and also give us advice on how to improve it,because our success is your success.
David Andrews

We are very happy with our mobile app. We have gotten very positive feedback from our customers and the integration with our website provides the users with a very navigable and easy to learn structure. Our platform is home to many specialists and enthusiasts in the cyber security fields who interact between each other individually and in group participation; therefore having a mobile app that is both straightforward and easy to use is rather important for people that are normally quite busy but need to stay up to date in the cyber community. The BigStep team have been very friendly and open to suggestions. We have taken note that they stay on top of security and feature updates and are always eager to improve their product and have our recommendation.
Malik Maharramov

This is the best company and the best team of developers and experts! Well done guys, keep it up! Super !
Joshua Reid

Simply the best. They are professional and know what they are doing and develop the best plugins and apps.
Donovan Lara

I've been working with this software for just over a year and the extent of functionality offered is incredible. They've built features that you didn't even know you wanted until you think of them and then you find they are already included. I will say that does mean there is a bit of a learning curve depending on what package or plugin you buy but once you figure it out, the sky's the limit.

The support structure is fantastic as well. I've sent questions, requests, bugs, user error scenarios and more to them and they respond quickly (usually within 24 hours) and fix the issues usually in the same time frame.

These guys have really expanded the functionality of the base product and I wouldn't do it without them!
Ndikum I. Cho

I can not really say the are perfect but what I can say is that can be and so far I have been very happy with all I got from them. The support though sometimes not so fast but we get there. And I love the discount too better than many others out there. Their plugin are just like they say it is even more.
Zaxix ltd

It still early days, but i am very impressed so far with the package,the customer service and support received. looking forward to more developments...
Anthony Lewis

Really sophisticated products and great setup and support options. Just getting started - Impressed.
Stuart McMillan

The Support Team have been amazing, very accurate and timely responses. They have made this experience very enjoyable
Hisham Balatiah

These people are awesome in everything they do. they respond and serve in a very professional way.