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Leveraging RPA Bot to Revolutionize Workforce Productivity5 min read


The Novel Coronavirus altered everything overnight, the lockdown was imposed, and social distancing became the new normal. Almost all the companies around the globe were forced to impose work from home on their employees. 

Work from home is one of the biggest changes the world has ever witnessed during Covid-19 and it has undoubtedly proved out to be a savior for billion of businesses and professionals.

We at BigStep Technologies also started work from home with virtual meetings, team sessions, remote festive celebrations, etc hence replacing the traditional work from office culture.

Working from home is a more comfortable setting and it hindered the spread of the contagious disease but at the same time, we realized the drawbacks of it.

  • With WFH it became essential to monitor the performance of employees
  • Onboarding of new joiners was a task
  • There was a need to appreciate employees and recognize their efforts
  • There was a need to incorporate interactions in the workflow to boost employee engagement and hence create a fun environment


All this led to the implementation of the “Happy Bot” in our work culture! But what is a Happy Bot?

Happy Bot is an RPA powered bot that is designed to mimic and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute the business process. It utilizes the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do and hence performs a variety of repetitive tasks in an error-free manner.

Bigstep Technologies is the partner of leading RPA provider UiPath and has a powerful team of competent RPA developers with hands-on experience in implementing bots. Hence the company utilized this technology to incorporate Happy Bot as part of its production function to boost productivity and add a fun element to the work culture. 

RPA, with increasing popularity, offers a world of possibilities. RPA can enable an enterprise to apply technology that can be governed by structured inputs and business logic. RPA can manage tasks that are as uncomplicated as migrating data, sending emails, perform invoicing, and can even manage something as complex as an automating ERP system. With the Uipath platform, one can launch an entire robot workforce to quickly deliver efficiencies, higher performance, and ROI.


“Bigstep Technologies believes in creating a corporate culture that allows fun and brings out enthusiasm”


Advantages of implementing “Happy Bot”

Here is how the Happy Bot functions to flag the employees that show an alarming behavior, award those who have been productive, and hence makes remote working more enjoyable.


Evaluates Productivity

The Happy Bot measures the productivity of the employees every month. This happens in a way that bots converse with the employees to fill a checklist and submit their responses for the same. Based on analysis of the checklist, employees are evaluated and scores are given. Employees with less than the targeted scores are given an opportunity to work upon their problem areas to attain the required productivity.
The bot also sends reminders or notifications nearer the time to remind the employees to fill the checklist.


Supports HR System

The Happy Bot support HRs in collecting new employee information, carrying out legal documentation during onboarding, etc. This helps the HR system to improve its operational efficiency while working remotely. 


Boosts Employee’s Morale

“The Happy Bot creates an employee-friendly environment that promotes happiness and a sense of fun.”

The employee who achieves the highest score is being rewarded by the Happy Bot as the employee of the month. This motivates and inspires all the other employees to perform better and stay focused.


Creates a Happy Environment

The Happy Bot is also being utilized to lighten the work culture and engage with employees. The bot wishes employees on their special occasions and other festive occasions and hence creates a positive and happy work culture.


“Workplace bots are simplifying workflows and making work from home more delightful”


Wrapping up :

Because of the implementation of the Happy Bot, Bigstep technologies is encouraging its employees, celebrating their success, and enjoying various special occasions thus building a strong company culture.

UiPath gives businesses the opportunity to expand their functionalities by triggering bots to do a number of things which includes:

  •  Speaking number of different languages
  •  Grabbing data from multiple applications
  •  Checking the order status
  •  Or simply building a strong company culture as Bigstep technologies did

Hence RPA aids in streamlining operations in an enterprise by implementing bots instead of hiring more staff which can also prove to be highly efficient and accurate.

Willing to use Robots for your Organizations? Connect to our experts at rpa@bigsteptech.com and know better!

Navneet Bali

An avid Content writer and Content Marketer @Bigstep Technologies. Responsible for SEO Analysis, Content Management, and handling the social media channels of the company.

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