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Virtual Reward and Recognition Event (Sep-Dec 2020)3 min read


What comes to your mind when you hear about an Employee Reward and Recognition Event?

Corporate Gifts? Employee-of-the-year? Performance awards?

Well, organizing an R&R event at Bigstep Technologies goes far beyond that.

When your employees are well recognized they feel valued and motivated and thus they work even harder and feel committed to contribute to the success of the company.

BigStep Technologies believes in running the extra mile to make its employees feel appreciated at work. We believe that our employees are the face of our brand and it’s important to make them feel happy and satisfied and boost their morale by rewarding them with the right recognition at the right time.

Organizing such events over years has brought a sense of belongingness within our employees which has undoubtedly created a work culture that is strong, positive, responsible, and can withstand any problem that is thrown in its way.

Virtual Reward and Recognition Event (Sep-Dec 2020)

The “future of work” arrived sooner than expected as a result of COVID-19. Situations like this put an organization’s culture to the test, and ours’ has continued to shine.
BigStep Technologies adapted to the Covid-19 challenges successfully and opted to host virtual R&R Events. In a time when the team is not together in the office, it is more crucial than ever to keep them engaged with the company.

We successfully organized the R&R Event for the last quarter (Sep-Dec) of 2020 and surprisingly the number of winners was double this time. Teammates were chosen from different teams and were awarded according to their roles. We believe in personalizing rewards for our employees because a tailor-made reward always creates a lasting impact on the mind of a receiver. We feel proud to say that Bigstepians never fail to outlive the company expectations.

Management including the Co-founders and managers expressed their appreciation for team members’ contributions and achievements and the event ended on a positive, fun, and cheerful note.

 Here are some glimpses from our event!

You can have a walkthrough of the company culture and experience what it’s like to work at BigStep Technologies. You can also connect with us at

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