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6 Reasons Why Full-Stack Development is Right for Your Company5 min read

6 Reasons Why Full-Stack Development is Right for Your Company

According to a study, the web development market is expected to grow by 24% by 2025. 

Full-stack development is the new craze among businesses and is increasingly becoming the most in-demand skill in IT companies. From Google to Facebook, everyone wants a full-stack developer. But Why? 

Let’s dig deep and decode why full-stack development is right for your company.

Development of both the front-end and backend of a web application is termed full-stack development. It happens when full-stack web developers design complete web applications and websites. Working on the front-end, backend, database, and debugging of websites are part of their duties.

Full-stack web development includes:

1. Programming the backend of applications

2. Coordinate with a full stack development team

3. Building the front end of applications

4. Troubleshooting development issues

5. Testing and launching the products

6. Managing the web development lifecycle

While a full-stack development team can complete a full-stack web development project, your business can also hire a team of diversely skilled developers – both front-end and backend – to complete the same project. Here is a brief idea of the main things you should look for in a full-stack developer.

What to Look for in a Full Stack Developer

1. Backend Expertise

A full-stack developer should have strong command over at least one backend language. Some of the most prevalent options include Node.js, Python, Java, and more. However, meeting modern market demands without an in-depth understanding of the languages is severely challenging.

2. Frontend Expertise

Similarly, the developer should have a stronghold on at least one frontend language as well. Languages, such as Angular, React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, etc. become a must for the developer. 

It can facilitate cross-platform sharing, adding a plethora of options for the firm. Thus, organizations must consider a proficient frontend background within the developer. 

3. Database Expertise

In-depth knowledge of databases can be seen as an added advantage for the organization. If the preferred developer boasts an extensive grasp of frontend and backend suites, his database skills will render additional support for the venture.

Benefits of Full-stack Development Team

Let’s go through the reasons for having a Full-stack Development Team for your company.

1. Versatility

Full Stack Developers are skilled in front-end and backend development techniques. Front-end and backend are different technologies, but full-stack developers can work on both of them. For example, they can write prototype codes that run your website with other CMS. Plus, it can handle the coding part that shows the web page’s interactivity.

2. Technology Expertise 

Full-stack developers know the technical needs of the business a great deal which allows them to provide better solutions in comparison to any other web developer. The ability to handle front-end and backend development comes in handy in many ways, especially when you are working on a tight budget. In addition, they can have streamline and fast-track delivery by controlling the server-side and client-side of the application or website. 

3. Cater to the Design Structure

Developers handling full-stack projects are not just proficient in coding; they are also proficient in structuring the code and designing User Interfaces. They take it one step further to optimize and manage the current structures. They are well-versed with the latest technological advancements and integrate smart features into your project to ensure that your clients get the best responsive and engaging website possible.

4. Cost-effective Development

Hiring front-end and backend developers will be expensive in comparison to hiring full-stack developers. You won’t need to recruit many developers for a single project because they can manage all aspects of the work. Hiring a capable full-stack developer would save you a lot of money. 

5. Up-gradation

A full-stack developer works on various projects; their experience is endowed with in-depth knowledge of various technologies. As per the survey, full-stack developers are capable enough to adapt to the latest technologies faster than anyone. 

Conclusion: Full Stack Software Development is the Future 

The web application should be modified and upgraded with no technical glitches. It is one of the reasons why a full-stack developer is more preferred over a front-end developer. Full-stack development is better suited to deliver at fast speeds and resolve customer issues. 

Recruiting a full-stack developer is viable as it brings vast knowledge and market experience to the company. Moreover, it can elevate the projects’ efficiency and applicability. However, merely knowing that won’t render the results, and finding the right candidate requires time and resources.

Don’t fret, though, as BigStep Technologies offer a wide array of developers for your assistance. With 13+ years of market experience, BigStep houses 170+ experts with a vast product portfolio. You can partner with the best in the industry as well. Get in touch with us today by dropping an email at info@bigstep.com

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