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How UiPath is helping in Automation Testing

How UiPath is helping in Automation Testing

Today, Software testing has become an integral part of the software development process for software applications. Considering the increased number of functionalities that applications are bestowed with, there is an ever-increasing likelihood of bugs going unnoticed and products being outright rejected. Thus, Software developers are today embracing testing automation as a way to improve the quality and speed of testing as well as reduce the cost involved. 

Getting started with test automation begins with picking a platform that offers a short learning curve, a no-coding framework, and multiple testing options, such as UiPath. 

We at BigStep Technologies offer end-to-end UiPath solutions to enterprises to automate their businesses in order to accomplish their goals. Due to the similarity between the principles of testing automation and RPA, the UiPath Test Suite is a perfect solution to the testing automation-related problems that have been plaguing the IT industry for years. 

UiPath Test Suite Components

How UiPath is helping in Automation Testing

Breaking Down the UiPath Test Suite Components:


UiPath StudioPro lets you automate business functionalities tests just like RPA workflows. StudioPro supports the creation of specialized test cases for conducting automation application testing. In StudioPro, you can create individual test automation projects that can be used to verify data and be included in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline scenarios. 


Aside from running RPA workflows, UiPath Test Orchestrator allows users to execute test cases created in StudioPro, which can be managed from the Orchestrator’s Test Cases page. This can be scheduled or build-driven via CI/CD.

Test Management Hub

The goal of Test Management Hub is to integrate the UiPath Test Suite via API connectors to third-party ALM tools. This is done to assign test cases to requirements, user stories, and any other artifact, and create bug reports in external bug tracking systems.

Test Manager

Hosted by Test Management Hub, UiPath Test Manager is a web application that enables you to manage your testing process. It mainly focuses on the following functional areas:

  • Assigning automation from StudioPro to test cases
  • Assigning test cases to requirements
  • Creating defects directly from test results

What distinguishes the UiPath Test Suite from Selenium?

Selenium and UiPath are indispensable to the automation revolution since both of these function in distinct ways to minimize human intervention and boost productivity

Comparing UiPath and Selenium, it is clear that the former is superior to the latter as it scales up automation across enterprises quickly and efficiently. In addition to offering a great user interface, UiPath provides seamless automation for Android and iOS mobile applications and web forms. UiPath gives you the ability to automate on Citrix environments without any hassle, which is not possible with Selenium. 

Other reasons which make UiPath a better choice as compared to Selenium are as follows :

  • Handling a greater volume of data with accuracy
  • Eliminates the need for programming
  • Supports clerical processes
  • Increases productivity
  • With Task Capture, you can add documentation to manual test cases

What made us choose UiPath?

The usage of UiPath has revolutionized the way that test automation can be defined, and we at BigStep are successfully utilizing this tool to automate the manual testing process. 

With just two dedicated automation resources, we were able to develop more than 700 test scripts in about 10 months. Furthermore, we were the first global organization to begin using the newly-launched Test Manager module of Uipath.

Here’s a brief rundown of why we Chose UiPath:

  • Code-less: There is no need to memorize any code. Easier learning curve.
  • Mechanism: With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, it is easy to create a process.
  • Accessibility: Web-based, desktop application, or mobile application.
  • Scalability: Ability to create reusable functions which can be used in multiple scripts.
  • Productivity: As it is robotic, productivity is very high.

As the Service Implementation Partner of the leading RPA provider UiPath, BigStep Technologies helps clients automate their business processes effortlessly. We have a strong team of competent RPA experts that develop an end-to-end test automation framework using Test Suite. 

With the help of reusable components, we build a robust automation framework that can easily be scaled to incorporate new components and automation. We build all the functionalities in the form that can be operationalized and scaled up as actual processes in production. 

Additionally, we offer customizable RPA solutions for varied industries to automate front-office or back-office processes.

Interested in learning more about how UiPath Test Suite can benefit you by centralizing your testing automation efforts in one platform? Get in touch with us at 

Vaibhav Mathur

QA Lead @BigStep Technologies. Fluent in Manual and Automation Testing. Leading a team of QA Engineers and ensuring adherence to quality throughout the Product Development Lifecycle

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