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How Live Interactive Video Experiences are leading Digital Transformation for many industries12 min read


Digital transformation is bringing about remarkable changes to operations, delivery methods, and customer experiences in many industries. Businesses that do not keep pace with these changes will lose out to competitors and eventually perish.

Live interactive video experiences is one such trend that has witnessed high growth during the coronavirus outbreak, and a massive change in consumer as well as workforce habits. It has also shown how many efficiencies can be achieved by replacing in-person interactions with remote interactions.

Businesses are either launching new apps with such features or updating their existing apps. Live video experiences combined with real-time engagement are now starting to be used extensively to enhance operational abilities and remote collaborations, and are facilitating interaction opportunities that were previously available only in person.

Types of Live Video Interactions

1-to-1 Call

For instance, a health professional conducting a remote session with a patient via a 1-to-1 video call. This can also include sharing of X-ray reports, medical records, and prescriptions via chat.

Group Call

For instance, a group of workers discussing their project while being able to see each other and interact with each other in real-time. Friends playing a multiplayer game while on a group call. Watch parties for movies and sports.

Live Broadcast

For instance, conducting live events that can include conferences, concerts, musical performances, product demos, etc. A live broadcast can be classified into 

  • Single host broadcast: 1 to many 
  • Multiple hosts broadcast: many to many 

Benefits of Live Interactive Video Experiences

From e-learning and telehealth to digital commerce and virtual events, businesses are leaning on Live Interactive Video experiences more than ever before, and here are the reasons for it.

  • Increases engagement
  • Enhances remote collaboration
  • Increases data & insights associated with user navigation
  • Prioritizes audience choice
  • Improves product/service experience

Real-time Engagement & Remote Interaction features around Live Video

By adding real-time engagement and remote interaction features to your live video, you are enabling many meaningful synergies to happen, then just video content consumption. Many business-specific actions can be combined with live video experiences. For example:

  • Online Classes can have Whiteboard, Chat, File Sharing & Announcements
  • Telemedicine can have bot-powered Symptoms & Reports collection, and doctor-patient Chat.
  • Online Events can have Q&A, Polls, Virtual Gifting, and Reactions
  • Live Streaming Commerce can have Flash Deals, Trivias, Polls, and Open Chat

Such engagement can also help you collect important data and analytics. Additionally, using AI-powered features like speech-to-text (transcription), video filters, etc on video streams can help you achieve a lot more.

Stay tuned with BigStep Technologies to know more about such features and how they complement Live Interactive Video experiences.

COVID-19 accelerating adoption of Real-time Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively driven businesses and organizations to the digitization and digital platforms. Platforms with real-time engagement are being seen as a measure to cope up with disruptions caused by Covid-19. Hence such platforms are being adopted to overcome challenges such as event cancellations, obligations to work from home, school closures, overcrowded hospitals, and physical distancing. 

Use Cases of Live Interactive Video Features


Live interactive video experiences address the difficulties of accessing and delivering educational services remotely while offering a seamless experience to educators, students as well as parents. All types of classes, including academic, up-skilling, hobbies, soft-skills, etc can now be delivered via virtual classes.

Online Classes

With Live interactive video experiences, tutors can talk with students, answer their questions, and conduct tests while being in the same virtual classroom. Further with chat feature tutors can share study materials and students’ academic progress in real-time.


For students, live interactive video experiences can create a classroom-like atmosphere and allow real-time interaction while watching a lesson. Furthermore, with features like Push Notifications, students and teachers can get notifications about every session instantly enabling them to track their classes all time.

Online Interactive Whiteboard is another such solution that fosters remote collaboration and real-time interactions and facilitates elearning. Read our blog to know more! 



Live interactive video experiences in healthcare are brimming with possibilities to transform the channels and effectiveness of communication between caregivers and care receivers, while also modernizing internal training activities, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among care teams in real-time. Such experiences can also follow all compliances, including HIPAA.


Remote interaction over video can be leveraged to offer consultative, diagnostic, and treatment services for healthcare. Be it mental health disorders, cardiovascular diseases, chronic illness or viral infections, teleconsultation is making it even easier to connect, collaborate, and supervise.

Telepsychiatry also has the potential to greatly benefit patients and as well as specialists. It offers patients access to therapists more quickly, without geographic constraints, and also makes it possible for them to attend more personalized and frequent therapy and follow-up sessions.

This mode of consultation also allows the specialists to share prescriptions for drugs, diagnostic reports, medical documents, x-ray reports, and lab results in real-time via chat and enables them to monitor and supervise patient’s progress regularly.

Virtual Training

With Live Interactive videos, healthcare institutions can provide a wide range of training activities online such as medical equipment demos, best practice education, and more.


Conducting surgeries with an expert doctor supervising through live video has also become quite frequent and has enhanced the quality of results especially in rural areas. Additionally, diagnostic reports and lab test results can be shared over chat.

Dating & Social Networking

Live interactive video has enormous potential in the online dating industry as it allows people to build authentic relationships even if they’re miles apart.

Online Dating

Rather than just relying on text messages, static photos, written profiles, or even pre-recorded video, with live interactive video experiences prospects can have real-time interaction without having to actually meet in person.

Dating Games

By leveraging a live interactive video platform, prospects can indulge in dating games or trivia while being able to see each other in real-time.


Be it webinars, meet-ups, knowledge events or business conferences, live interactive video experiences offer a new world of opportunities.


Webinars can be hosted by experts in all knowledge-driven areas like entrepreneurship, finance, marketing & growth, etc. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions make these webinars more interesting for audiences.

Virtual Events, Meetups & Business Conferences

Leveraging live interactive video experiences to host virtual events lets you address a wider audience without the need for them to spend exorbitant amounts on travel and/or accommodation. Many conferences have moved online this year, and they have seen higher engagement and bigger turnouts than ever before.

Online Event Platforms have successfully taken all aspects of such conferences online like:

  • Lobby Area with Sponsor Booths: 1-1 Video Call interaction
  • Social Lounge with multiple tables: Group Video Calls
  • Break-out Sessions: Single-host live video broadcasts
  • Keynote with multiple panelists: Multiple-hosts live video broadcasts

The event experiences are further enhanced with video overlays, background music, media streaming, screen-sharing, and whiteboard. Features like Open Chat, Q&A, Raise-a-hand, AI-based participant matching for networking, etc help increase engagement. Such platforms are also able to provide useful analytics and attendees’ information to organizers.


Sports & Entertainment

Several Sports Events, Music, and Dance Shows have been canceled due to this pandemic and people are forced to stay indoors. And thus there has been a significant rise in the usage of LIV platforms by the sports and entertainment sectors as it offers a realistic way of interaction between participants.

Watch Parties

A Live interactive video platform can let you host a movie night or watch your favorite sport with friends in real-time. This also allows people to have face-to-face interaction while watching an event remotely. With the group chat feature, people can also chat about their favorite shows, movies, and discover their next binge and make their virtual party more engaging.

Features like real-time statistics about a match, vote for a favorite player, and even wager on who will score the next goal, right from the users’ computer or mobile device enhance engagement.

Live Shows & Concerts

A number of artists all around the world are leveraging Live interactive video platforms to organize music concerts, dancing shows, etc to connect with their fans in real-time and entertain them. For many artists, such shows are turning out to be more beneficial than physical events monetarily via ticketed events, as well as getting them a larger audience and fan-following.

Online Marketplaces & Commerce

Brands can use live interactive video to improve product experiences, increase buyer engagement, build trust, expand their reach, and create brand awareness. All this leads to an increase in sales and conversions.

Product/Service Demonstrations

Brands have been using Live interactive video experiences to engage and attract buyers to their platforms. This is done by showcasing products or services to potential buyers and even offering discounts while interacting with them in real-time.

Behind the Scenes Look

Live interactive videos can be an easy way to build immediate buzz among viewers and humanize a brand. Brands can showcase the making of a product or can give a sneak peek of their office in real-time.

Pairing with Commerce

Brands can add the “shoppertainment” factor with live streaming commerce, and leverage the improved product experience and buyer engagement to get more sales. Be it product launch, demonstration or promotion, this technology can be widely used by brands at any stage of product life cycle and customer purchase journey.


Live interactive video experiences have become an intuitive way for gamers to interact, participate, and collaborate while being physically apart.

Multiplayer Gameplay

By leveraging Live interactive video in games, gamers can be enabled to play on-the-go with their friends in real-time irrespective of their location. Through group video chat, friends can see, hear, and talk to each other in real-time as they play games. 

Product Reveals

Platforms with Live interactive video functionality can be a great place to promote and launch gaming-related gadgets like Bluetooth earphones, gaming mouse, t-shirts targeted to dedicated players, etc.

Virtual gaming

Recruitment & Online Assessment

Be it interviews for recruitment, coding assessments, or other evaluations, Live interactive video-enabled remote interactivity lead to many efficiencies in recruitment processes.

Workforce Recruitment

Live interactive video experiences can be leveraged for the entire recruitment process which includes Pre-screening, Interviewing, and Onboarding. Such remote interviews can be coupled with features like calendars, notifications, bot-powered screening questions, etc.

Online Training

Live interactive video experiences can be leveraged to conduct training sessions for employees and partners. During such live sessions, employees can ask questions and interact with the instructor or other colleagues in real-time. Instructors can also leverage interactive elements such as surveys and quizzes, to get feedback on how the training is proceeding in real-time.


We hope we have covered adequate use-cases for real-time engagement and live video, to trigger thought on how you can add such capabilities for a big impact in your business processes. These technologies should not be ignored in your digital transformation journeys.

At BigStep Technologies we have the right expertise to build such solutions, products, and real-time interactive experiences for you.  

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