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How BigStep Technologies celebrated its 14th Anniversary!

BigStep Anniversary

The pandemic made us all realize the value of genuine connections and BigStepians were craving face-to-face interaction with fellow co-workers for so long. Nobody realized that God would listen to all those prayers while adding a party twist to it.

BigStep Technologies completed its 14th successful year so, once the situation went normal, we grabbed the opportunity to have a grand celebration of our own instantly and left no stone unturned to make it the highlight for ourselves as well as for the company.

How did the Magic happen?

Our HR team was the backbone throughout this Event and wanted to ensure that all the BigStepians felt special and pampered! They worked round the clock, from the office, and visited multiple properties while running on a staple diet of pizza and coke, making sure that the venue, food quality, and overall service were top-notch.

The marketing team, on the other hand, was brainstorming ideas to create a buzz for all this BTS hard work that was happening. They came up with unique ways to capture the Event’s essence and to keep our social media game strong!

It looked easy but a lot went behind the scenes that we experienced this time. Especially after 2 years, since we forgot the hustle it takes to organize an event. But it was really fun and an amazing experience!

The Weekend that was out of the Imagination!

The first day started with BigStepians reaching the grand venue for the event and being welcomed by the HR team with a garland, tilak, and a smile followed by a delicious lunch. Rooms were allotted to take rest after long flights and train journeys and to relax before the main Event started later in the evening.

There was another pleasant surprise over the evening snacks where a fun music band played some of the all-time favorites and BigStepians enjoyed the company of friends, the location, the band, and of course the snacks!

The water babies went to the pool to have a friendly match of water-volleyball while the Instagram lovers decided to have their photoshoots done. Some of them also tried their hands on pool table and other indoor games while a few went on a scenic trip of the venue on bicycles

After a relaxing evening, everyone dressed to impress for the big gala planned for the night. The event started off with the leaders giving awe-inspiring speeches about the vision they have for BigStep and how everyone has an important role to play in it. With the inspiration flowing through, the awards night began when BigStepians were awarded for the endless efforts and hard work they put in throughout the year. A cake-cutting ceremony also took place to commemorate the anniversary, and post that, everyone was ready to dance and just let loose!

Everyone danced, partied, ate, laughed, and clicked photos, and the rest of everything was a blur! It was the most fun everyone had after so long and that too together!

Thank God we didn’t miss out on this!

The second day of the event started off with the Team breakfasts, followed by some fun team-building activities that helped each other bond. Everyone was equally competitive yet had that team spirit in themselves to win!

It was definitely a sight to watch every BigStepian indulge in a friendly competition with each other. It was followed by group photos and parting gifts by the company after which we bid goodbye just to see everyone in front of our laptop screens the next day!

This weekend getaway was a much-needed break for everyone and we came back refreshed, ready to work, and with big smiles on our faces!

Our hearts were full of good memories, laughter, joy, and every emotion! It was truly a weekend to cherish forever and we wish BigStep Technologies to grow with each passing year and we all grow together with it!

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