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BigStep Technologies Celebrates International Women’s Day2 min read


Time and again, women have proved their worth by shining in every field and bringing-in pride. International Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge and honor the ladies regardless of any divisions.

Women’s impactful participation and leadership in all areas of life including economic and political domain, sports, entertainment, defense, healthcare, and family, etc drive progress for everyone.

Ladies at BigStep Technologies have contributed in all aspects to take the organization to a new level. They are the pillars of the company and are playing a crucial role in the company’s growth.

While womanhood is embraced every day in BigStep Technologies, on 8th March we hosted a virtual women’s day event. The purpose behind celebrating this day was to cherish the great achievements and meaningful contributions women have made both in professional and personal life.

Although this time International Women’s Day looked a little different from past celebrations but we made a point to pamper the ladies and tell them how special they are and celebrate the girl power.

The event started with the co-founder of the Company addressing and appreciating the ladies for their dedication, commitment, and professionalism.

Wish all the Strong, Hardworking, Inspirational, and Lovely Women of BigStep a very Happy Women’s Day! With your contribution to BigStep’s growth, you’ve made a difference in all our lives. Feel glad to have the privilege of knowing & working with each one of you! May you inspire many more BigStep’ians!”Vidit Paliwal, Co-founder

Bigstep Technologies Celebrates International Women’s Day

The event was hosted by the VP of the Company, Mrs. Shivani Sharma wherein she addressed the ladies with her inspiring story and motivated them to reach new heights, achieve their dreams and make the impossible possible.

Women mean success, positivity, compassion, talent, and much more! With this thought, BigStep Technologies wishes all the beautiful ladies a very happy women’s day.

You can have a glimpse at the company culture and experience what it’s like to be a part BigStep family.

Navneet Bali

An avid Content writer and Content Marketer @Bigstep Technologies. Responsible for SEO Analysis, Content Management, and handling the social media channels of the company.

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